About Us

Trading since 2006, we have been supplying a refillable concept of carefully sourced hand and body care products that you can trust. By packaging our products in quality dispenser bottles made in England and choosing a reliable pump from Italy, we guarantee the presentation and performance will be as good from day one, for up to one year in use! 

With our high quality products, we are proud to have our name associated with many prestigious establishments to include; hotels, restaurants, clubs & bars, offices, premiership football clubs, theatres, along with selected retailers.

Tyneham Luxury Products 'CANADA' Ltd was incorporated in BC Canada in 2017. We're already supplying some beautiful boutique hotels here in Victoria and we're looking forward to further expansion over the coming years. TYNEHAM is our registered trade mark of the company. 

When developing and designing our product range, we wanted to create a refillable system that not only worked within hotels and the commercial sector but in every home. Far too many of us buy small bottles of product without thought and discard these after a few weeks and invariably these bottles will end up in land fill. With our dispenser bottle and top-up refill containers, you can still create that personal identity without compromise. 

All our holders are made by our sister company in the UK, which are sold world-wide and we think are probably the best quality you can buy! 

Our refill top-up containers are easy to use, will save you money, plastics and time, all of which is a benefit to our environment. Our refillable products are made in England along with being, parabens, SLS and Cruelty Free.

I sincerely hope you enjoy our products.

Stephen King
MD & Founder