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Reed Diffuser Care


Carefully remove the stopper from the vessel, we like to do this on a cloth preferably near a sink.  Place all the reeds into your glass and oil to start the absorption process.  The reeds are a naturally porous rattan.   In order to boost the fragrance throw we recommend rotating your reeds every two weeks.  If you find the scent too strong then take a reed or two away from the vessel.

Place your diffuser in any room you like, preferably at nose level! It’s great to position them in high traffic areas such as hallways or near doorways as the passing-by helps to circulate the fragrance. It’s also a lovely welcome when you enter a room or entrance for your visitors.

Your diffuser is just perfect to be placed anywhere in powder rooms, offices, dressing rooms and kitchens and in a larger or open plan space, if possible, choose the most central position to place your diffuser. You can use multiple diffusers of course or add a candle from the same range!

Keep your diffuser away from direct sunlight to avoid the oils from evaporating quicker or damaging.  The same applies to positioning your diffuser by a radiator or other sources of heat.

Please remember to place your diffuser on a stable surface and avoid any contact on painted or polished surfaces. A decorative coaster or tray can look lovely and protect surfaces too.  Your reeds that are oil-absorbed could mark your walls and curtain fabrics so please take caution of this also.  

Always keep away from children and animals and seek medical attention if swallowed.