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Luxury Pick-Up Hand Towel/Napkin 6-Fold 30x40cm 1 x 1200


Luxury lint free, pre-folded towels for drying hands or napkin use. Ideal for use in a guest powder room or special event venue to eliminate wet, dirty guest hand towels that are often used repeatedly harbouring bacteria. Folded down the centre ensuring easy pick-up for one towel use.

A lovely alternative also to a dinner napkin with a soft linen feel.

Compostable and hygienic.
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Towel size: Folded 19.5cm x 15cm, Open 30cm x 40cm, 55grm

Case Size: 1 x 1200

Packed 24 x 50 wrapped for clean storage and less waste

Supplier PEFC certified 2016 - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification


Made in Italy
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